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EDM Record Label & Music Marketing Company in Las Vegas

From recording, mixing and mastering services to publishing, marketing and promotion, we offer everything you need to get your music heard by millions of listeners all over the world. Contact us today to or click the button below to learn more about how we can help jumpstart your music career.

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Welcome to Regulator Records

Regulator is a Las Vegas-based EDM record label & music marketing service for emerging artists & DJs. We discover and introduce unsigned artists who’s dreams go beyond that of their bedrooms and small venues by scouting talent world wide. We pay special attention to music that has potential for possible deals with record labels, music publishers, as well as Film, TV, advertising and video game placements.

In addition, we provide a set of high quality music marketing services to independent musicians. We strive to create vast online presence for our clients and boost their music sales throughout a variety of channels. We do not compromise quality, and we work closely with professional designers, developers, writers, online marketers and audio engineers to achieve the top notch results our clients expect. Not only do we offer individual services, but we also offer complete solutions to those who don’t have any online presence established.

If you’d like to find out more about our EDM record label or how our music marketing services can take your project to the next level, click on any of our service lines below.

EDM Record Label

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Music Publishing

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Mixing & Mastering

Make your music shine! Our professional mixing & mastering services are available at affordable for independent record labels, bands, musicians and DJ’s.

Music Promotion

Once you have a good amount of marketing materials ready, we can distribute them across the web. Imagine exposing your music to thousands of potential fans!

Social Media

Increase your fan base and activity on a number of social platforms. Add social proof to your online presence.

Our music services range from recording, mixing and mastering to marketing, publishing and full artist development. We know how hard it is to compete in this chaotic industry. Our EDM record label & music marketing services give those we work with an advantage over the mass of unprepared artists & DJs.